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Forex investment
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Forex investment managed account

Currency trading / Forex Investment

EMEA has recently signed an agreement with an international specialist providing high yield forex management, which over the last 12 months, has delivered a return of minimum15% a month!

We followed a lot of forex traders and their history over the last 12 months, and in light of the banking crisis and the  xtremely volatile market we had over the last 4 months, we were really able to refine the best of the best out of the crowd.
As a result, we now have access to an absolute professional and skilled core of specialists. These professionel forex  pecialists, have all delivered excellent results, even during the last stormy months, the have delivered more than 80% in earnings to the clients.

Predict the future
It is always difficult to say what the future holds and we can not predict it, but based on the total history of our forex investment pool,  we can say that there was a stable rate of return above 15% a month, without any major negative event in the period. We have different structured products and pools to choose from, including high, medium and low risk options. Capital can be freely distributed among the various products and risk profiles, with both short and long term options.

NB! Our partners can also help structure products with an absolute minimum risk, where the initial investment is 99% secured by regular banking and only few procent of the capital is working in the forex market at a very high yield option.

Please contact us for free information or if you have questions.

What is Forex or foreign exchange, managed forex trading or FX?
You may see sometimes names Forex or FX. The market for currency trading is the world's largest with a daily trading volume of more than 3.2 trillion dollars. This represents more than 100 times the daily trading volume on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). The vast majority of foreign exchange will be made by banks and speculators, only a very small percentage, carried out by governments or companies in need of changing.

Exchange is not handled by a central exchange, like the stock market but the socalled "Inter-bank market." The inter-bank market is a network of banks, which acts between one another. These acts take place directly between the 2 parties - either by phone or via an electronic network . Now that more banks are offering "tradingplatforms" Forex trading is much
more polular. Foreign exchange is already popular with investors and is growing. In recent years it has become more normal and easier to trade currency, even as a private investor, as the various banks have begun offering  tradingplatforms". This makes it much easier to follow in his acting and manage its risk. There are many explanations as to why exchange is so popular, but the obvious argument is that the market is very liquid, open 24 hours a day - 5 ½ days a
week and has not nearly the same commodity, such as shares. This means that you or your trading agent that has the possibility of multiple trades can always get rid of the currency who bought and less stress due to closing. Moreover, forex investors are mostly good opportunities to leverage their investment - often as much as 100 times. This means the  possibility of much higher returns, but the risk is of course also higher chosing this option.

Forex currency trading and risk
Although Forex or foreign exchange is usually seen as a high-risk product, it is possible to limit the risk and still secure high returns. If you invest in Forex through our foreign partners, your capital will be invested through several independent forex experts in order to spread the risk as best as possible.

What is a good yield in managed forex investment?
All forex experts will do the minimum 10% return per month over a period of 12 months, and they must never lose more than 20% of the pool. Does one not live up to this, the capital will immediatelythe be moved to another stable forex trader from the network, however this has not happened yet, not even under the current crises where most banks are struggeling just to survive. Return to 227% from January 2008 to January 2009

Looking at 2008, the yield was a total of 227% from January toJanuary, which is satisfactory in terms of overall market performance for the period, and not least the financial crisis taken into account.
If the above yield seems satisfactory compared what your normal investments gave you over the last year  
- curious to hear more, we encourage you to contact us today.

Currency trading - Forex Investing - 15% return per. month!
Please contact us at our main number or via the following:
+45 408 400 64


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